Crêpe ready dough mix 1 kg

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Unsere Fertigmischung ist die Basis für einen leckeren süßen sowie herzhaften Crêpe.
So gelingt Ihr Crêpe immer.
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Mix 1 kg of crêpe batter mix with approx. 1.5 l to 1.9 l of cold water (depending on the desired dough strength). The crêpe dough is READY.

The crêpe ready mix gives a neutral dough and is suitable for sweet and savory crêpe.

Tip: Refine the crêpe batter with a dash of pure vegetable oil.

If you ever have some mixed dough left over, which was mixed the same day and stored in a cool place, no problem. Before use, please stir the dough again with a whisk.

We obtain our high-quality raw materials such as whole egg powder, milk powder, cream powder exclusively from German brand companies. Therefore, we do not add any preservatives, additives and flavors.
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Weight 1 kg
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